A new memoir that tells the story of one man’s love for the piano and his search for dignity as a teacher, a gay person, and an artist.

In his memoir, author William Joseph Bryan shares with us the music, drama, scenery and movement of his Personal Opera. A student at the Juilliard School of Music, the Saint Louis Institute of Music with Leo Sirota, and a Fulbright Scholar at the Conservatoire National de Paris, France, Mr. Bryan recounts with humor, love and condensed prose stories about his life, his travels around the world and many of the interesting artists he has met. Fairy Pudding is also a portrait of an artist as a young gay man.

Pre-Stonewall riots, Bryan was one of many gay artists struggling to pass as “normal” while remaining true to themselves. The book includes the complete text of his lecture-recital entitled MUSIC: THE HERMAPHRADITIC ART, presented for ONE Institute in 1964, an important contribution to the early gay movement.