If I lived half a life-time of experiences as you, I'd be happy!"
Maria Guralnik, Concert Manager for laureates of the Cliburn
International Piano Competitions

"[You were] one of my father's favorite pupils. I've sent your St. Louis chapter on to the writer in Japan who is currently writing a biography of my father."
Beate Sirota Gordon, author of The Only Woman in the Room,
an account of her participation in the formation of the
Japanese constitution following World War II

This Personal Opera is magnificent. It moves along at a wonderful pace and it has a clever sense of humor. The author strives for perfection and reaches it many times. He takes something as simple as a recipe and makes it sound like an exciting chapter from a novel. On his sabbatical he takes you around the world with beautiful condensed prose. What a great teacher he must have been. you should read this book, every word of it, and you will be glad you did. It combines music, drama, scenery and movement - a personal Opera. And above all, it recognizes that love is primarily giving, not receiving."
Thomas hal Phillips, author of five novels, several screen plays and an actor.
His best known role was as the Presidential Candidate in the movie NASHVILLE. Two of his novels won Guggenheim Awards and a book of short stories won the O'Henry award.

"The Chapters are the story of my life; the Appendixes are my reason for being."
William Joseph Bryan